Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vision 2020

In collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group, MOBIS established in 2011 a management philosophy system comprised of a management philosophy, vision, and core values. In line with this system, we have set a goal to become one of the top 5 automotive parts manufacturers in the world by 2020 and have pursued sustainable development with stakeholders by leading future automobile technology equipped with creative talents, top quality products, and superb technological process.

Management philosophy

Management philosophy is the most fundamental reason and objective for which any company exists, and it is the spirit that underlies business operations and practices. MOBIS philosophy is to ‘realize the dreams of mankind by creating a new future through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers.’ It implies the objectives of taking unlimited responsibility for the sake of stakeholders, realizing possibilities by challenging continuously instead of settling for the status quo, and embodying humanity in all of our business activities.

Sustainable management strategy of MOBIS

With the aim of achieving the goal of becoming ‘the Sustainable Value Provider’, which is a mid and long-term strategy of Hyundai Motor Group for fulfilling social responsibility by 2020, MOBIS has established a sustainable management strategy to realize a balanced development in the areas of society, environment and economy by creating sustainable future values with all stakeholders and sharing them inclusively. To efficiently implement the strategy, a CSR team as a working group has been organized in the planning department and strives to carry out the social responsibility management organically in cooperation with relevant departments.

Stakeholders Vision of the future ISO 26000 core challenges
Vision 2020 A business pursuing shared growth Participation in community and development
Customers A business seeking happy mobility Customer issues
Suppliers Trusted companion Fair operations and practices
Global nation Transparent business Governing structure
Shareholders & Investors Confident Business Governing structure
Employees The most aspired companyto work for Human rights, labor practice
All stakeholders A leader in tackling climate change Environment