Intellectual Property Rights

Hyundai Motor India Limited & MOBIS India Limited are well established and world renowned manufacturer of Cars and genuine spare parts from a long time in India. Both are Indian companies and subsidiaries of HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY, South Korea and by virtue of such a relationship are entitled to use several Trademarks of their parent, Korean company and as well proprietors of various reputed Trademarks.

Hyundai Motor Company is the parent company of a vast conglomerate of subsidiary, associate and affiliate companies. The Hyundai group is one of the world’s best and most trusted organizations engaged in a wide array of commercial activities including manufacturing & marketing of Passenger Cars & Genuine spare parts in India.

On account of long & extensive use, excellent quality control & high level of technical standard, advertisement of the aforesaid trademarks, aggressive marketing through print, electronic, and outdoor media supported by network of Authorized Dealers and Distributors, Hyundai Motor Company has acquired very substantial reputation and goodwill in India & abroad. Trademarks mentioned above are registered Trademarks and trade names of Hyundai, MOBIS and KIA, protected under Trademark Act 1999.

It has recently come to our notice that certain unscrupulous parties with wrong and malafide intention are claiming rights on the aforesaid trademarks by illegally using the trademarks in the name of “HYUNDAI”, "MOBIS" & "KIA". Public at large are hereby cautioned that, HYUNDAI, MOBIS & KIA, don’t have any relationship with such parties who without proper authorization, are misrepresenting themselves either as a Genuine spare parts distributor or any kind of associate of “HYUNDAI”, MOBIS or KIA etc. The public is also hereby advised that such parties without proper authorization have no rights whatsoever on the said trademarks and it is only HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY, MOBIS & KIA are the sole proprietors of the said trademarks.

Caution notice is hereby given that any person or organization without proper authorization, using trademarks, copyrights, operating websites, emails comprising of trademark of HYUNDAI, MOBIS & KIA or any of its registered trademarks in whatsoever manner are liable for civil as well as criminal proceedings in the court of law.

It is hereby warned that those who are using or intending to use the HYUNDAI Trade Marks in respect of any Automotive spare parts, goods or services or as a trade name without proper authorization, such use would constitute invasion upon the proprietary right of HYUNDAI, MOBIS & KIA Trade Marks, and immediate and appropriate legal action, including criminal action will be taken against them. Consumers, Manufacturers, dealers and distributors, the media, and all other concerned are requested to bring to our notice instances of such illegal act and inducement so that we may suitably protect the well known HYUNDAI, MOBIS & KIA brands, trademarks, and corporate identity from infringement, misuse and violation of any kind.