In order to expand the business, to cater to emerging markets in the World and to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction, MOBIS started operations in May 2007 in India, in order to take care of Module supply and After-sales Parts & accessories business.

MOBIS India supplies After-sales Parts and accessories to roughly 3,200,000 Hyundai cars running on Indian roads, through a network of its own Parts Distribution Centers (PDCs) operating in the 4 Metropolitan cities and Hyundai Authorized Dealers/MOBIS Authorized Distributors spread across the length and breadth of India.

MOBIS India’s presence is not just limited to domestic market but is spread across the overseas market as well through its around 250 million Hyundai cars running on overseas market roads. MOBIS India exports After-sales Parts and accessories through its network of Overseas Distributors. MOBIS would be able to significantly increase export revenues by leveraging the power of its globally integrated logistics network namely, “MOBIS Global Network” (MGN). The export revenue is expected to touch USD 15,000,000 by 2015.

MOBIS India’s strength in the After-Sales Parts business lies in the strong bond between its fully integrated (forward & backward) supply chain solutions, vendor base, Pan-India Dealers & Distributors Network and its end customers. With its global expertise, MOBIS has upgraded the Dealers & Distributors network to a highly efficient and sustainable B2B network, with the aim to provide World-class Service quality to the Hyundai Customers.