MOBIS is a 31.24 billion USD global company,  headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and is the worldwide Strategic business partner of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) & Kia Motors in the areas of Advanced Module supply for car manufacturers and handles after-sales parts and accessories for roughly 16 million Hyundai & Kia branded cars worldwide in 190 countries.

From its beginning, under the name of Hyundai Precision Industry in 1977, MOBIS went on to become the world’s top container producer.

Hyundai Precision started to produce and supply chassis modules for Hyundai Motor and took the after-sales service parts businesses from both Hyundai and Kia motors in late 1999, and the company was renamed as MOBIS, kicking off the new millennium. 2000 was the year that MOBIS not only changed its name, but also became the biggest automotive parts company in charge of after-sales service parts distribution, auto parts export and module manufacturing.

The future technologies for automobiles need a systematic integration of both mechanical and electronic parts and MOBIS is now prepared to take on the future. As a leader in the auto parts sector in Korea, MOBIS will take the next jump to reach the goal of becoming a ‘Global Top 5.’

MOBIS is a mixed word using mobile and system, where mobile means automobile in English-speaking countries and System means the unity of complex machines. The word implies a specialized auto parts company that makes part systems for automobiles.

The logo has been developed to deliver the identical corporate image to customers with varied cultures and customs all over the world and to express the development as one of global top 10 auto parts makers. It expresses a power-driven progressive image and the letter 'O' of MOBIS is marked in red as well as its future-oriented corporate image which is based on the font that expresses a precise and cutting-edge image.