Module Division

MOBIS Quality Division, under the motto of "Drive with the Customer", is steering the world’s highest technology automotive parts market with an innovative, creative and challenging spirit to realize global customer satisfaction and value.

Realizing infinite customer value

  • Environment

    Cleaner quality for a cleaner environment

  • People

    Quality sensitive to the happiness of mankind

  • Prosperity

    Sound growth in order to be the world`s best through quality innovation

MOBIS seeks to focus all employees’ capacity for making products with zero defects, provide the best quality products and services that meet customer needs, make positive responses to and immediately handle complaints, and secure credibility with customers and brand power through endless improvement

  • Quality of Zero Defects 0 defects, customer satisfaction
  • Quality of Sensitivity 0 complaints, customer satisfaction
  • Quality of Values Higher values than customer expectations

Major operations

  1. Building and operating a Quality Management System to meet customers’ needs and expectations
  2. Operating an exclusive quality problem solving organization for fast resolutions
  3. Operating a global quality information system to supervise real time quality control
  4. Cooperating between Hyundai MOBIS, Automakers and suppliers to achieve perfect product quality
  5. Training employees in friendly response services for customers in order to maximize customer satisfaction
  6. Conducting advance tests and inspections to ensure the quality and reliability of new products and technology
  7. Operating cooperative research with external evaluation institutes to reflect customer needs on products