Module Division

MOBIS has been at the forefront of modularization, a revolution of the automotive industry in the 21st century.

MOBIS has supplied the three major modules; chassis module, cockpit module, and front-end module, to automakers in the Just in Sequence (JIS) system. Participating in the initial stages of a new vehicle development process, MOBIS performs research and development of auto-parts taking into account the specifications for modules, including designing and testing, which are later put into production. Through the system integration of modularization, MOBIS is contributing to its increased competitiveness and in consequence reducing the total weight and the number of parts needed. This allows for easier assembly, effective inventory control, and cost reduction.

Chassis Module Chassis Module

The chassis module is an assembled frame module on which the vehicle body and powertrain are mounted, and is located on the lower part of the vehicle, consisting of the suspension, steering, and brakes. MOBIS, the top chassis module supplier in Korea, has developed various chassis modules such as the corner module, front chassis module, rear chassis module, and the complete chassis module, and has manufactured 5.3 million units per year at 13 overseas and domestic factories.